Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.

For a gallery of my work, past and present please visit the Artwork page. For more information about me personally and my credentials please visit the About Cathrine Greene page. And for information about my new book please visit the Revealing Content, the book page.

On the Art Illuminates page you will find regular posts showcasing pieces of my art work that reflect an ongoing, personal, spiritual journey.  As that path is one tread by many, these images belong to those who see them and connect with them as much as they do to me and they are offered in that spirit. Michael Green, illustrator of The Illuminated Rumi, states: “ At that time (the Middle Ages) it is said, artists were not so much creative personalities trying to ‘express themselves’, but conspirators in the process of discovering and refining a visual language that could convey a living sense of the sacred….  If an image was true it ‘belonged’ to the Great Mystery…”  These images belong to that tradition.



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  • 1. Alice Charland  |  2012/02/13 at 9:34 pm

    Hi Catherine
    Met you and heard your presentation at Self-Connections last week which I enjoyed very much and would like to speak to you regarding a meeting.
    Alice Charland
    PS Your art work is BEAUTIFUL!

  • 2. MaryJo Major  |  2013/06/12 at 7:25 pm

    So very interesting and inspiring. I like the way you have articulated meaning in what you do and what we see.
    Now that I have read your sample chapter and looked at the images, I cant say if I see what you had in mind making them, but reading about your process has given me a curiosity to try, as I look. Which ads depth to my looking, cool!!


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